Saturday, May 5, 2012

Indeed , Subrageous

Subrageous is a great little spot hidden in one of the many strip malls along 8th street , better know in local circles as the  infamous Calle Ocho . Located at 1553 SW 107 AVE , Just across from Florida International University this is a spot that focus on one thing good food at a good price . Just a heads up to all the FIU Students out in cyber space they offer a 10% discount with a FIU student I.D. Card . First thing youll notice when you walk in is that more than likely there is a line . Dont worry though , once you get up to the counter to yell your order to one the many older women behind the counter everything is quick , almost frantic.You never are too sure who you are talking to, which is kind of disconcerting until you take your first bite of the delicious sandwich. Even with all the craziness that was ordering everything was perfect.The sandwich had everything I asked for, but more importantly nothing you didn't. The best part about the whole outing is how gentle it is on your wallet.the average sub costs between $4.50 and $8 . For that you get your choice of hot or cold sliced deli meat, choice of cheese and fresh veggies all on an entire loaf of delicious white out wheat bread. One thing these ladies don't know is an empty stomach. There is a nice little dining room to sit down and eat, but know that they do charge a $0.50 fee for a refill on fountain drinks. Just like must sub shops they have the usual assortment of chips and cookies. . This place is definitely a fantastic place to stop in and grab lunch when you are in the university park area of the sweetwater neighborhood of Miami.

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